We partner with organizations where there is a clear synergy across our values, message and vision. Together we want to show that limitations are only perceptions and exemplify that dreams are meant to be achieved.

Official iceman partnerS


“Project Iceman and the ambition of Anders and his team, reflect some of the same bold, values that we as a brand also stand for. Our products are designed to be wireless and portable, meaning you can use them wherever and whenever you choose. What would epitomise this more, than in joining with Project Iceman’s journey to Antartica? We are proud to be supporting this Danish-borne mission.”

- Sarah Jackson, Director of global communications, Libratone


media partnerS


Product partnerS


“In Project Iceman we see a strong message and a great story about the fact that "everything is possible". A message we as a manufacturer and developer of innovative bikes and equipment can relate to and hope will be adopted by many more ambitious people around the world. Their approach to achieving the goal by Anders and the team is very professional, ambitious and goal-oriented. They are serious in everything they do and we are very much looking forward to following this journey as a partner of the project.”

- kim marius nielsen, Marketing Manager Nordic, specialized


If you are interested in taking part in this ice cold journey, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s make this happen.