The Iceman Journal

The Iceman Journal


The Iceman Journal is a short daily journal for gratitude, goals and personal growth.

Besides four months of journaling, it includes forewords, the advantages of journaling (including research), how to go about journaling and use it effectively.

The journal aims to serve as a support tool for you for increased happiness and positivity, to focus on what matters to you and acting on your dreams.

It’s a simple and powerful way to start every day with inspiration, gratitude and a focus on creating a great day, and ending the day on a positive note, reflecting back at the great things that happened, what you learned, and how you could make tomorrow better for yourself and others.

All proceeds will go to succeeding with Project Iceman.

Delivery time:
- Denmark 2-3 days
- EU approx. 1 week
- North America 1-2 weeks
- World approx. 2 weeks

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