Project Iceman is the documentary of the first ever, World Record breaking Ironman triathlon in Antarctica in February 2020, the Iceman, to show that limitations are perceptions. The purpose is to inspire other people to dare pursue their biggest dreams.


Limitations are perceptions OF what we can achieve



“Today, we often put boundaries on ourselves or other people, making up limitations of what is achievable. But I want to show that limitations are only perceptions of what we can achieve. That even the ordinary can achieve the extraordinary through passion, extreme dedication, supreme planning, and an immense belief in yourself.”

- Anders Hofman -

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The ordinary can achieve the extraordinary


the iceman

Not an official race or competition, but an ordinary guy, achieving the extraordinary by swimming 3.9 km in ice water, biking 180 km and running 42.2 km in ice and snow on Antarctica’s glacial surface in February 2020. The event takes place during a 33-day expedition by boat from Ushuaia, Argentina, across the Drake Passage to Antarctica. All safety precautions are taken and the team includes some of the most experienced people in the world, when it comes to expeditions in Antarctica.

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not an official race. It’s one guy. Achieving the extraordinary.



To inspire you to dare pursue your wildest dreams, your “Iceman”, find that immense belief in yourself and discover the power of your mind.


Don’t let realism set the limits of your dreams


The journey

The project is much more than a single event. The entire journey is documented continuously across content, videos, Iceman Talks and a final documentary to show how we make it all happen and to provide practical tools for you to use in your journey towards your dreams.

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 dreams are meant to be achieved, especially the biggest ones



Establishing the Iceman Community, a movement behind the message that “limitations are perceptions” that supports and nurtures the cause of mental empowerment. The ultimate goal is that the community will become a platform of inspiration and self-belief to help people pursue their own “Iceman”.

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 What’s your iceman?