setting no limits

 Limitations are perceptions of what we can achieve. Period.

Anders has devoted his life to this message. To inspire a movement of people and organisations that dare to push the boundaries of what we can do in our lives and in this world. As a part of spreading this message, Anders offers motivational speeches to help others ask themselves the difficult questions and start take action toward those big dreams and goals. Providing views on what it takes and whether it’s worth it.

Honest. Personal. Raw.



“A true inspiration”

Pedro Lloret


“High on courage and determination”

Björn Andersson


“Created inspiration within all ages”

Louise Wittendorff





If you book a speak it will address these aspects, but can be tailored to the relevant topics and themes within your organization.

  • Inspirational story of doing what has never been done before

  • The meaning of limitations are perceptions and how we break boundaries

  • Why our purpose is essential to what we do and why it’s important to ask ourselves the difficult questions

  • How we make the unrealistic, realistic

  • Views on motivation and whether you can count on it

  • Why we shouldn’t be afraid of failure and taking risk

  • What it takes to do what no one else has done, the choices and priorities


 What people say…


“Anders’ visit was a true inspiration to our office. He is humble, confident and an achiever that fills the room with positive energy. He reminded us that limitations are only perceptions and he proved it on the spot. My biggest learning from his journey: If we plan carefully enough and commit to what’s necessary, no dream stays a dream, it becomes an attainable goal.”

Pedro lloret, nike

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“We had the pleasure of enjoying a very inspiring session with Anders. Being a firm of patent attorneys, we handle challenges, problems and solutions for our clients most every day, striving to help them achieving their ultimate goals. So it was not hard at all to feel a strong cohesion with the drivers behind Project Icemen as well as its out-of-the-box sensation. Anders’ mission is high on courage and determination, yet he has a very relaxed and inviting way of addressing his audience and getting his thoughts through. We were all very excited after having met Anders.”

Björn Andersson, Ström & Gulliksson AB




“Anders gave us an inspirational presentation on his ambitions to become the first human to complete an Ironman in Antarctica, describing his process, progress, and motivations. His messages encouraged us to think outside the norm, question how we think of limitations, push our boundaries, and overcome obstacles”



(7th to 9th grade)

“If you are going to have a speaker at the school or the youth education, which is really present, inspiring and up to date, then you must choose Anders, the Iceman!

Anders is an extremely eloquent young man with a lot of heart. His experiences and travels through the educational system, he manages to showcase through his presentation, in an understanding and inspiring way, so that young people get an insight into how important it is to notice and follow their own dreams. Anders clarifies the big questions about being young, trying to be perfect, and following the "herd". It is something that young people need to ask themselves. You must give Anders talk time, because Anders can, with humor, self-knowledge and as an important role model, provide a very current input to society's young people.”

- Hirma Ljeskovica Bektas



(7th to 9th grade)

“Impressive and very inspiring speak! Anders meets the students in the right place and delivers the words he would have liked to have heard, when he was in their age. A lecture about much more than the very extreme challenge he is facing with Project Iceman. A speech that is all about finding out what it is you really want to do, to pursue your biggest dreams and that one should never be limited by the opinions of others about what one is capable of. With his great story about the journey he has gone through so far, Anders catches the entire room with excellent language and his impressive images. A big recommendation from us.”

- Simon salbaek



(4th to 6th grade)

“The privilege was on our side at Hvalsø primary school, when we had the opportunity to experience a very special presentation of a very special project, taking place in Antarctica next year.

Anders wants to be the first ever, to complete an ironman on Antarctica; a so called “Iceman”. That, in itself, is a challenge beyond regular comprehension, and is more than just aplaudable, but being willing to share and teach the values required for such a job, deserves even more commendation.

Anders came to the school prepared for pupils within the ages of 13-16. That turned out not to be the case. Instead they were 10-13 years olds, which meant that Anders had to adjust both his presentation and aim with his visit, to something with a rather different focus.

Anders gave a presentation of his project, having 200 children listening to him with massive interest. He received a ton of questions, having one more odd than the other, and answering with an upmost respect for the curiosity amongst the pupils. Also, Anders brought ice to create the illusion of an Antarctica swim, which would push the boundaries of some, and confirm the bravery of others; it turned out to be a very constructive way of exemplifying “limitations are only perceptions”. 

Motivation and drive for a dream or a project isn’t an age specific thing, and Anders made it very clear that the breeding ground for success with personal achievements, is based within ourselves and that limitations are only perceptions. One of the classes made their own Iceman-project the day after. They wanted to see, if they could all be able to do 30 push-ups. The idea was based on Anders’ 7 days’ challenges, where Anders improves his results within a very short period of time. So if the whole class did push-ups every day for, not just 7 days, but a whole month, how well would they do? And how far can they push themselves? That is the ongoing challenge in one of the classes at Hvalsø primary school.

Anders talks with motivation and pride, and has a calm, positive approach to both adults and children. The occurrence of Anders leads to personal inspiration. For the younger audience it turned out to be primarily, a search for physically improvements, but also lead to relevant talks about why we have to practice things, we don’t necessarily find interesting but are essential for the growth and future success, of us as individuals.    

The visit of Anders created inspiration within all ages and is more than recommendable. The project itself is a very interesting talk, but the journey towards it adds motivation and respect for hard labor and dedication.”

- Louise wittendorff