To show that limitations are perceptions of what we can achieve, why we must challenge those perceptions.



“In the past, I’ve often put boundaries on myself, but much worse on other people, making up limitations of what is achievable; whether it was believing I could become a professional football player, daring to start my own business, when, or whether I really can make a difference in the world. But it’s time for a change. I want to challenge this stigmatization of myself and other people’s capabilities. Challenge the perception of what’s possible.

Limitations are really only perceptions, imposed by ourselves, relatives, or society at large, of what we can achieve. That’s a fact. We should set no limits for ourselves and what we can achieve, just because others do. We can always find the 1000 reasons not to chase our big dreams, because it’s scary, uncertain, challenging and “unrealistic”. But we need to look at the exact 1000 reasons to chase it. Our unlimited potential.

In this fast-paced, digital, brutal reality, we are too focused on seeking other people’s advice and acceptance, making us forget the most important thing of all. Listening to ourselves. Believing in ourselves. Much, much more than anybody else ever will. While others might not see our full potential. We must believe in our extraordinary potential and chase it. It’s ours to claim. No one else.

That is what I want to show with the Iceman. That there are no limitations. That even me, an ordinary guy, can achieve the extraordinary dream through passion, extreme dedication, and an immense belief in myself.

But the purpose of the project goes way beyond myself. I want to inspire you, who similar to myself have listened to everyone else and been making up limitations, to dare pursue your craziest dreams and believe in yourself. I believe we all have our own “Iceman” and if I can achieve mine, you can achieve yours. No matter what that dream is.

I want to prove that by realizing your extraordinary potential, those “impossible” ideas and dreams of yours are not that crazy after all. That we are capable of so much more than our minds let us to believe. 

Limitations are only perceptions.”

- Anders Hofman


building a community

We are establishing and building the Iceman Community, a movement that supports and nurtures the cause of mental empowerment.


Why mental empowerment

Project Iceman has a mental offset: The belief that limitations are only perceptions. That we can do so much more than we believe and that we have all the power we need within our own minds. The purpose of the project is to share this message and help people find the belief and power within themselves.

Goal: help prevent mental diseases

Despite progress throughout the world, there are still some alarming trends. Mental health problems are one of the main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide, while 1 of 5 adults in the U.S. (43.8m) experience mental illness every year. Instead of only focusing on the treatment of these diseases, we want to shift focus towards preventing them through developing stronger mental resilience, which we are all capable of. We just need the tools, the support and the hope. This is what we aspire to give with the Iceman Community.

‘An iceman’

The idea is that ‘an Iceman’ becomes a noun and symbolizes our greater dreams in life. Dreams we are hesitant or afraid to pursue. For this the Iceman Community will provide support to help individuals to listen to and believe in themselves.

Project iceman 2.0

There is no end date to the Iceman Community. There will be a project following the completion of the Iceman. There are already different ideas, of which some are not sports related, but in the end the Iceman community itself may be the deciding factor for what Project Iceman 2.0 will be.


Set no limits